WordPress Developer Support

We can help you with a one-off task or occasional WordPress support. Don’t let technology ruin another day.

WordPress Hosting and Maintenance Plans

Subscribing to one of our WordPress hosting and maintenance plans is the best way to get these services because you'll get a priority response.

Depending on the hosting plan you select, it may even include discounted developer hours and some of the services on this page.

WordPress One-off Task Services

Below are the specific services you can hire us for immediately, with or without a hosting plan. (Remember: If you have a hosting plan with us, make sure the one-off task you need isn’t already included in your plan!).

Malware removal

We remove harmful software from your WordPress website, such as viruses and spyware. The result: a clean, safe, and high performing website.

WordPress website migration

We transfer all your website's content, design, and functionality from one web hosting provider to another seamlessly. The result: no downtime during the move.

Fix a broken website

We diagnose and fix any issues causing your website malfunction. The result: a smoothly running website that visitors can access without any problems.

White screen of death

We troubleshoot and resolve issues causing your website to show nothing but a blank white screen. The result: a website that is functioning properly again.

Contact forms error

We figure out what's preventing your contact forms from working properly and we fix the issue. The result: messages are successfully submitted by visitors and received by you.

Image optimization

We make sure your website's pictures are the perfect size and quality, and that they look stunning. The result: a great website appearance and faster loading for visitors.

Speed optimization

We optimize your website's speed. The result: pages load quickly, providing a better experience for visitors and potentially improving your site's search engine ranking.

Occasional WordPress Support

Don’t want to sign up for a WordPress hosting and maintenance plan? And don’t see the service you need under one-off tasks? Below is our simple process to get occasional WordPress support.

Step 1: Pay your deposit

Click the button below and pay a deposit for your first hour of services, which will also get you registered in our system as a customer!

Step 2: Send us an email

Send an email to [email protected] when you need help and let us know what you need done on your WordPress website. This creates a ticket in our system.

Step 3: We complete the work for you

Our team includes expert WordPress Developers and Technical Virtual Assistants. The appropriate team member will complete the work for you as soon as possible.

Step 4: We invoice you monthly

We will invoice you monthly for the hours we clocked in the previous month. Non-hosting clients are charged $75 per hour and hosting clients are charged $55 per hour (unless the service is included in your hosting plan). The deposit you paid initially will cover your first hour of services.