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WordPress hosting and maintenance services.

Business Owner Mastery can fully maintain and manage your WordPress website. Our subscription plans include premium web hosting, website and plugin updates, full security, and 24/7 expert support.

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Why do you need a WordPress maintenance service?

Any website built on the WordPress CMS platform requires regular updating and maintenance. The reason for this is that WordPress makes regular updates to the core system and these need to be integrated into the version that your website uses on the server. In addition there are regular updates made by plugin developers and theme designers which will need to be made.

If your site doesn't get these regular updates from WordPress, the plugin developers or the theme designers, it could be vulnerable to security issues. One of the worst outcomes is that your site may get hacked and Google would remove it from the search results page. Something like this would be very detrimental and damaging to your brand name.

By ensuring that your site remains in good condition and protected against being hacked, you'll be ensuring that your visitors get a better user experience and therefore you'll be in Google's good books. By having your core WordPress updated by our maintenance service will ensure that your site is bug-free and that you have access to all the latest features.

Every part of WordPress, including the core, plugins and the design need to be in alignment and updated concurrently, or something may break. Before making any update, we have backups ready to use them if required. If there are any issues, we can fix them to ensure that all goes to plan.

Technical specifications

Our standard hosting includes the following specifications. We can offer higher specification, dedicated servers, and private clouds on request.

Feature Detail
Disk space 30GB SSD disk space
Data transfer Unlimited bandwidth
SSL certificates Included
RAM Limit 2GB
CPU Limit 2 vCPU
PHP versions 5.2   5.3   5.4   5.6   7.1   7.2   7.3   7.4​ 8.0+
Backups 2+ per day offsite.
Security features Brute-force blocking, cloud-based intelligent IP blocking, web application firewall & realtime malware scanning

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Getting started with Business Owner Mastery

After signing up through our pricing page for our WordPress hosting and maintenance service, we will contact you to begin the website migration process. If you have an urgent issue with the site you need fixing first, email us at [email protected] right away after you sign up.